Enable people to move safely and securely with GDPR compliant personal biometrics
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Compatible with all
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I have used the Fuse Identities products several times over the last couple of months. Each time in a different environment, these have been in the educational, finance and health sectors. The product is a very reliable and cost effective way to increase and upgrade an existing security system in user friendly and hygienic way with all the boxes ticked for GDPR.

Tim Reyner, Managing Director, KODIT SECURITY
UK based supplier and installer of electronic security products.

Fuse Identities delivers an identification system which is activated by the card holders’ fingerprint. This allows us to set up access control and T&A systems where we with 100% certainty can verify the user’s authenticity. It’s secure, fast, convenient, no need for pincodes and fully comply with GDPR regulations.

Kasper Løth Kure-Olsen - Security consultant, Sanistaal
Denmark based System integrator in Access control and Security solutions

Frictionless upgrades to any Access Control system
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Ensure your team is clocking in correctly
Smart workplaces upgrade
Time & Attendance systems with personal biometrics
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Securely access the connected world
Improve IT Security by ensuring the right person logs on at the right device
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Our cards works out of the box with any 13.56MHz access control system

Integrates seamless into your existing infrastructure
Enable secure enrollment and personalisation  

Tailor made systems for your industry, company size and requirements