Supports enrolLment and management of biometric security
Quick Battery
Easy Key
The FUSE Enrollment Manager serves three main purposes; enroll fingerprint data, charge batteries inside cards and program access control keys.

It consists of a low-profile USB desktop device and matching Windows application. The desktop device provide energy through NFC field to charge batteries inside the cards and a powerful secure channel for communication with the cards. This channel is used for communication between cards and the Windows application where programming and enrollment are administrated.

With biometrics profoundly improving cards security and card user experience, FUSE has put emphasis on integrating the same level of security and ease of use to the enrollment process. The enrollment is essential as a fundamental requirement in fingerprint sensing is making a positive match with a known representation of the user’s fingerprint. The cards are initially in an “enrollment” mode to store a representation of the fingerprint, which then gets used during every subsequent access. The FUSE Enrollment Manager offers step-by-step instructions to securely store this data in their card.
Provides energy to charge the cards
Secure NFC channel for two-way communication with the cards
Enhanced enrollment experience
Enables set-up and programming prior to usage
Want to upgrade to biometric
security or just curious...
Compatible with all
industry standards