Frictionless upgrade to biometrics
Supports a healthy and hygienic work environment as on-device biometrics can reduce touchpoints between people and objects
Fuse combines the security of biometric authentication with the speed and convenience of contactless credentials to effectively protect your assets, employees and properties
Addresses unauthorised card use and eliminates threat of lost cards. Fuse works with your existing access control system using 13.56MHz technology without any upgrades needed
RFID access control is a worldwide solution to control entry/exit into secure areas of buildings. Many of the card technologies still in use today have been hacked meaning cards in your building could easily have been copied, Mifare Classic as an example. If you are looking to upgrade your existing access control system from a very insecure 13.56MHz frequency system without having the expenditure of changing your readers you can use the Fuse Identities Biometric RFID card to turn your existing system into a fully functional biometric access control system.

Simply by enrolling the users fingerprint template directly onto the card where it is held in a secure sector of the card this GDPR compliant solution offers full confidence that the card holder initially issued the card has to be the person entering into the secure area via the access control system.

By giving the card holder complete control over their biometric identity as nothing is held on a data base it also gives the comfort of knowing exactly who has entered your building and at what time. Widely used across all verticals it has proven to be a very popular solution for, amongst others, voting systems, border control, proof of identity for police departments, data centres, student accommodation and secure areas within secure buildings.
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