enablE TRUE digital security by replacing passwordS with biometricS
Protect your organisation from evolving digital security threats with biometric sign-on in cloud, on-premises, or IoT. With strong two-factor authentication you are effectively blocking 80% of today’s attacks
On-device fingerprint recognition provides an effective balance between authentication strength and user convenience
To protect user privacy, fingerprint data is stored in the smartcard chip as an encrypted mathematical representation and not in any central database
Simplify and secure your organisation digital experiences with FUSE. Our biometric authentication credentials prevent account takeovers, whilest reamlining log-on processes with strong two-factor credentials.

The connected world of the cloud, smart homes, and smart cities needs new identification and authentication solutions. Biometrics are rising as an advanced layer to many personal and enterprise security systems.

Modern security is focused on reducing the risks for this powerful security solution: traditional pin and passwords have long been a point of weakness for security systems. Many organisations are still overly reliant on passwords although there is a growing consensus their use needs to be reduced. Password protection does not satisfy many organisations security protocols, they are easily copied, easily forgotten and easily mis-managed.

Biometrics aims to answer this issue by linking proof-of-identity to our bodies and behavior patterns. The FUSE cards work with the environment you have, offering cross-platform support and good user experience. In addition to increased security and user friendliness, you will save on the costs of resets, administration, and support.
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