Benefit from personal biometrics without any community
touch points
Works in any Access Control system
verification on-card  no common touch points
Compliant with GDPR regulations
The Fuse cards enables the security of biometric authentication without requirering any community touchpoints. All this at the speed and convenience of contactless credentials. The Fuse Access Card is a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless card working seamlessly with an existing Mifare Classic, Desfire EV2 and iClass SEOS technologies without upgrading or replacing any readers or backend systems. Only after activation by a fingerprint scan will the card allow communication with a reader.

Unique to the cardholder, only the card owner can activate card communication with the reader. Addresses unauthorised card use and eliminates threat of lost cards.
GDPR compliant with on-card biometric data storage
No need for keypads, reducing touch points between people and objects
Only the owner can activate the card communication with the reader
Upgrade to biometric security without changing a single reader
Standard card dimensions,
ISO7810 - ID1
Compatible with Mifare Classic, Desfire EV2 and iClass SEOS infrastructure
Three month re-charging cycle with lithium battery inside
Can be printed on one side using laser printers or both sides during manufacturing
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security or just curious...
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