Biometric access control card for Time & Attendance
January 13, 2023
Highlighting benefits of biometric access control cards for Time & Attendance
Timeand attendance systems are used every day around the world to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. Biometrics is the most undefeatable clock-in tech on the market. Use of biometrics ensure knowing employees are who they say they are when clocking in to get full control over employee cost, productivity levels, and ensure HR regulation compliance.

Fuse Identities’ biometric card with built-in fingerprint sensor and on-card matching enables a swift upgrade to privacy law compliant biometric clock-in. A fingerprint scan is always required entering a controlled area or system. If the scan matches what is stored on card, person can clock-in.

Customers using the Fuse Identities biometric RFID card as a method to monitor time & attendance enables an employer to easily view their employees’ working hours,late arrivals, early departures, time spent on breaks and absenteeism. This give employers absolute confidence the employee are who they say they are and not a colleague implementing the “buddy punch” method to create a fraudulent activity.

Taking it further, biometric cards create a healthy workplace for your employees byreducing community touch points for access, check-in and even equipment like vending machines.

About Fuse Biometric Card: TheFuse Access Card is a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless card workingseamlessly with an existing infrastructure without upgrading or replacing anyreaders or backend systems.

Only after activation by a fingerprint scan will the card allowcommunication with a reader. Unique to the cardholder, only the card owner canactivate card communication with the reader