Biometric access control for Finance and Banking
January 13, 2023
Biometric cards offers an excellent solution to prove identity in fiance and banking
As we continue to progress towards a heavily digital world, we will need a secure, fast way to prove our identity. Biometric technology offers an excellent solution for authentication in the financial industry, and it’s growing in popularity.

Fuse Identities offers a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless card with on-card matching. A fingerprint scan is always required entering a controlled area or system. If scan matches what is stored on card, person is granted access. It is working seamlessly within existing infrastructure, without upgrading or replacing any readers or backend systems.

Biometrics cards in banking helps protect against cyber-attacks and insider fraud by establishing secure employee authentication, accountability, and concrete audit trails of each transaction. Biometric identification of employees performing financial transactions in the backend is one of the crucial steps in ensuring identity protection and reducing fraud.

Biometric identity and authentication systems not only secure data and assets, but also help achieve regulatory compliances. Employee productivity and satisfaction may increase as bank employees no longer need to remember multiple passwords and PIN codes.

About Fuse Biometric Card: The Fuse Access Card is a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless card working seamlessly with an existing infrastructure without upgrading or replacing any readers orbackend systems. Only after activation by a fingerprint scan will the card allow communication with a reader. Unique tothe cardholder, only the card owner can activate card communication with the reader.