How to make sure Access Control systems comply with NIS-2
August 25, 2023
A few tips on how to make to make sure your Access Control systems comply with the NIS-2 directive.
The European Union's Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS-2) aims to improve the security of network and information systems across the EU. The directive has entered into force and will be applicable when EU Member States transpose it to national law, by September 2024.

Unfortunately many organisations are still uncertain about whether their Access Controlsystem comply with the NIS-2 directive or not.

Our goal in Fuse is to offer acompatible, secure, and unadventurous way forward – by using biometric technology. However, whichever route chosen, organizations should carefully evaluate their specific security requirements.

When evaluating access control system’s, and their compliance with the NIS-2 Directive, the following steps can be taken:

·        Review the NIS-2 Directiverequirements: The NIS-2 Directive outlines a set of requirements that organizations must meet to improve the security of their network and information systems. These requirements include identifying and assessing the risks to their systems, implementing appropriate security measures, and reporting any incidents or breaches that occur.

·        Conduct a gap analysis: Compare the organization's current access control measures against the NIS-2 Directive requirements to identify any gaps or areas where the organization needs to improve.

·        Develop an action plan: Based on the results of the gap analysis, develop an action plan to address any identified gaps or deficiencies in the organization's access control system. The action plan should include specific steps and timelines for implementation.

Ask yourself these two following questions:  

1.      Do you feel confident that your current system covers all security aspects and is NIS-2 compatible?

2.       Does your organisation have a clear plan for how to adapt to this new directive?

Feel free to contact FUSE if you would like our support on ensuring NIS-2 compliancy. We would love to share our knowledge and experience about how to implement biometric access control cards as part of an overall security strategy.

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