Sanistaal A/S announces biometric card from FUSE Identities AB
September 3, 2023
Sanistaal, Denmark’s leading value-creating system integrator in Access Control and security solutions, has announced partnership with biometric security experts FUSE Identities.
Sanistaal and FUSE Identities has in close collaboration developed a biometric access control card for high security institutions. The FUSE access card "BioID" is a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless card communicating with the readers only after activation by a fingerprint scan. It is working seamlessly within existing infrastructure,without creating any need to upgrade or replace readers or backend systems.

Sanistaal is the leading systems integrator in Denmark, being specialists in electronic locking systems, monitoring and access control solutions, and working with dealers and locksmiths across the country.

The EU has recently adopted a new security directive (NIS2), which imposes significantly stricter requirements on, among other things, IT security in a large number of private and public companies. The new rules will be implemented in Danish legislation in 2024.

"At Sanistål we are satisfied that, with the launch of the biometric FUSE access card, we can make it easier for companies to comply with new and stricter EU regulations," says Kasper Løth Kure-Olsen.

Sanistaal’s security consultants have the longest experience in Access Control solutions projects of all types and sizes, and with FUSE Identities’ biometric expertise even the most stringent security requirements can be met cost-efficiently.

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